Traderelay is a lightweight windows software that allows you to automate your strategies!

Basically you just set alerts to your strategy and TradeRelay catches them and sends them forward to exchange. Its easy to setup and maintain. Your automated strategy can run 24/7.

Currently TradeRelay can relay only market orders to Interactive brokers (stocks, forex, futures and CFD) and Binance and Kraken for crypto trading.

See Pricing See Quick start guide

Try TradeRelay

You can try it free for 30 days. After that its only 29$ per month. Thanks for supporting our development.

-If you are just testing software and strategies, just send us an email and we add your subscription time a few free months.


Major update: Traderelay v.203 uses webhooks! Email alerts are no longer supported.
Download TradeRelay v.203 (2019.09.24)

-Added: Webhooks for faster and simpler alerts
-Added: Futures orders for Interactive Brokers
-Please report bugs, we have tested on IBSTK, IBCASH

Download .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime

Live trading

How we use TradeRelay

Currently we have 2 automated strategies running. You can see the latest real trades on the right.

One strategy trades stocks via Interactive Brokers and other strategy trades crypto currencies in Binance exchange 24/7.

Latest trades

Symbol QtDate

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How it works

Basic process is simple

1. Your tradingview strategy sends alerts as webhooks.
2. TradeRelay software gets the alerts and relays orders to Exchanges (see pic on the right)
3. Relay time is about 2-6sec.


Software keeps your API keys encrypted, you can only see API keys and passwords clear text in TradeRelay software where you also set them. Please keep your computers security software updated.


-You will need to open accounts in Exchanges where you want to trade.
-Binance is a crypto-exchange, account can be opened quite fast.
-Kraken is a crypto-exchange, account can be opened quite fast.
-InteractiveBrokers is a great Stockbroker with cheap commissions. Account can be opened quite fast. They have PDT-rule, but you can also develop your strategies by papertrading.


-Windows computer with atleast 2GB ram
-Net framework 4.72 installed
-You can use VPS-server too

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Creating alert in

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Login and running TradeRelay application

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Creating settings in TradeRelay application

Quick start guide

SETUP Tradingview

1. Create your own profitable strategy or load someone elses strategy
2. Turn that strategy to study! (a bit pinescript) (because strategies dont support alerts) Our example strategy.
3. Create alerts for your study (entries and exits), remember checkbox them as webhook to traderelays webhook url.

-IB STOCK-TRADING: Market order to Buy & sell 100 Apple stocks:

action:BUY symbol:AAPL qt:100
action:SELL symbol:AAPL qt:100

Market order to Buy & sell 100 EOSUSDT:

action:BUY symbol:EOSUSDT qt:100
action:SELL symbol:EOSUSDT qt:100

Market order to Buy & sell 100 XETHZUSD:

action:BUY symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100
action:SELL symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100

Market order to Buy & sell 100 XETHZUSD:

action:BUYMARGIN symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100
action:SELLMARGIN symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100

Default leverage on margin orders is 2. You can change leverage by adding leverage command like this:

action:BUYMARGIN symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100 leverage:4
action:SELLMARGIN symbol:XETHZUSD qt:100 leverage:4

-Uppercase or lowercase syntax both work but spaces matter.
-Symbol can be any symbol that your exchange offers.
-Qt, can be integer(ex. 100) or decimal with two digits (ex. 0.02)

SETUP TradeRelay software

-Install TradeRelay software on your computer

-Login with your email and password
-Go to Settings tab and fill in:

  • Fill in api keys for Binance, Kraken, IB, which ever exchange you ant to use.
  • Remote host can be empty if you use IB TWS on same computer
  • Port is 7497 for IB TWS (default) and 4001 for IB Gateway

-Save settings

SETUP new instrument to trade

-Add new symbol which you want to trade
-Press run+ so new symbol is green on the list, and tradeable.
-Select Sectype for new symbol:

  • Binance - for all that go to Binance exchange
  • Kraken - for all that go to Kraken exchange
  • IBSTK - for stock orders to interactive brokers
  • IBCASH - for forex orders to interactive brokers
  • IBCFD - for CFD orders to interactive brokers
  • IBFUT - for Futures orders to interactive brokers


-Press START and TradeRelay begins to check received alerts and relaying orders.


Interactive Brokers

If you use Interactive brokers to trade Stocks, CFDs or Forex.

-You have to install & run IB TWS (or IB Gateway) on your computer. It is an application that handles your orders. And its handy to see your portfolio etc.
Download IB TWS here

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Alert syntax

Not much here yet, TradeRelay is so simple and easy to use. Currently all orders are MARKET orders. We will be adding more features if they are needed. Please email us if you have a good idea for feature. TradeRelay project is ongoing.

Commands for IB:

Command Explanation
action:BUY symbol:AAPL qt:100 Buy 100 AAPL stocks
action:SELL symbol:AAPL qt:100 SELL 100 AAPL stocks

Commands for BINANCE:

Command Explanation
action:BUY symbol:EOSUSDT qt:100 Buy 100 EOSUSDT
action:SELL symbol:EOSUSDT qt:100 SELL 100 EOSUSDT


Pay for subscription


Paid time will be added to your account. You can top-up as many months as you want. Traderelay software will notify you when your account time has run out.

Thank you for support

TradeRelay is ongoing project and is developed constantly while we have time from trading and strategy development. We appreciate your support. We are planning new features all the time but still trying to keep TradeRelay simple and easy to use.


Frequently Ask Questions

I have technical problem, who do I email?

First make sure to check error log on your TradeRelay software (Tools tab). There might be error messages that help you to solve technical problems.

If you can not solve your technical problem or you think there might be a bug in the software, please email us at or use contact form on our website.

This error usually means that you are using TradeRelay first time from this computer/ip-address and Google has blocked access to your email.


1. You must manually login to you GMAIL:
-You will see email from Google that has blocked TradeRelay: "Critical security alert" or ""Sign-in attempt was blocked"... follow email instructions and allow future connections.

2. Allow Third-party access in your Google account:
-Login to your Google account and allow "Third-party access" or "Turn on less secure app access"

Here is Googles own guide:

TradeRelay Project

Project was launched (feb.2019) from our need to automate our own Tradingview strategies and we currently use it daily. Our Tradebot runs 24/7 on Binance exchange.

Please contact us if you have good ideas how to make TradeRelay even better. Better software helps us all to profit more! Thank you.

Contact us!