Easy way to automate your trading strategy

Traderelay is a lightweight windows software.
It allows you to automate your tradingview.com strategies and send orders to exchanges.

How it works

1. Just set alerts in your tradingview.com strategy. (You can register here.)
2. TradeRelay catches alerts and sends them forward to exchange.
3. Its easy to setup and maintain. Your automated strategy can run RTH or 24/7.

TradeRelay supports following exchanges

1. Interactive brokers (Great Trading platform with free/cheap commission fees)
Open Interactive Brokers account.
*Link contains affliate id, we get small reward for opened accounts.
There is also free IBKR-stocks for your new account!

Interactive brokers features
-Send orders to IB (NYSE, NASDAQ, normal exchanges)
-Can trade: stocks, forex, futures and CFD
-Only 'market orders' (MKT) (No limit orders, yet)
-Can only trade on regular trading hours 9.30-16.00 EST (RTH)

2. Kraken (Best and most secure cryptocurrency exchange)
Kraken - open account
-Send market orders to crypto exchange
-Supports SHORT orders
-Can trade 24/7

3. Binance (Other easy to use cryptocurrency exchange)
-Send market orders to crypto exchange
-Can trade 24/7

Try Traderelay for free!

Start by registering and downloading Traderelay software.

Try it free for 60 days.
After that its only 14.90$ per month. Thanks for supporting our development.

Fellow traders and aspiring traders

If you are just testing software and strategies, just send us an email
and we add your subscription few free months.


Download TradeRelay v.4.05 (2020.10.25)

Minor update
-Removed old unused code.

Download TradeRelay v.4.041 (2020.10.12)

Minor update to version v.4.041.
-New improved instrument list.
-Bigger text.
-Simplified user interface.

Download TradeRelay v.403 BETA (2020.07.23)

Minor update to trading IB Stocks.

Download TradeRelay v.402 BETA (2020.07.04)

Minor update to trading IB Futures.
Added Order testing.

Download TradeRelay v.401 BETA (2020.07.01)

Minor update to trading IB Forex and IB CFD.

Download TradeRelay v.400 BETA (2020.06.29)

NEW easier way to trade. Works with Pinescript 4 strategies!
Only tested on Interactive Brokers trading.
We highly recommend you to use this if you trade with Interactive Brokers and your study can be changed to strategy easily. Let your strategy handle trade commands.
Pinescript v.4 also supports bracket commands and stoploss and many more.

Download TradeRelay v.208 (2020.02.25)

-Added: Exit position 100% or 50% commands (For IB exchange only)
-Added: Faster order handling.

Download TradeRelay v.207 (2019.12.15)

-Added: Minor fixes.
-Added: Trades history on website(login).

Download TradeRelay v.206 (2019.12.10)

-Added: DTB-exchange.
-Added: Database schema change.

Download TradeRelay v.205 (2019.12.06)

-Added: Now its possible to choose to skip old alerts or just allow all.

Download TradeRelay v.204 (2019.12.04)

-Added: More Futures exchanges (ECBOT, NYMEX, CFE)
-Added: Button to manually send commands to exchanges (Use with caution)

Download TradeRelay v.203 (2019.09.24)

-Added: Webhooks for faster and simpler alerts
-Added: Futures orders for Interactive Brokers
ajax -Please report bugs, we have tested on IBSTK, IBCASH

Download .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime

-Install this or latest .Net framework on your computer, if you are
having problems running Traderelay software (Crashes, etc.).

TradeRelay live

Currently (updated 30.11.2020) we have one automated strategy running.
You can see the latest daily trades here.

1. Strategy trades stocks via Interactive Brokers
-Mainly in NYSE and NASDAQ stocks. For example AAPL, AMD, JPM

Latest alerts & Trades

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