Automated trading - How it works

Basic process is simple

1. You start your chart in
2. You set strategy to sends alerts as webhooks.
(You will need webhook-url, webhook id and command. You get them from Traderelay program.)
3. You set same symbol in Traderelay and choose right security type for it.
4. You start TradeRelay software running (looping symbols).
5. Traderelay waits for alert -> and then passes order to Exchange.(See image.)
6. Relay time is about 1-5sec.


Software keeps your API keys encrypted, you can only see API keys and passwords clear text in TradeRelay software where you also set them. Please keep your computers security software updated.


-You will need to open accounts in Exchanges where you want to trade.
-Binance is a crypto-exchange, account can be opened quite fast.
-Kraken is a crypto-exchange, account can be opened quite fast.
-InteractiveBrokers is a great Stockbroker with cheap commissions. Account can be opened quite fast. They have PDT-rule, but you can also develop your strategies by papertrading.


-Windows computer with atleast 2GB ram
-Net framework 4.72 installed
-You can use VPS-server too

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