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$14.90 / month

Paid time will be added to your accounts remaining time.
You can top-up as many months as you want.

Use email address that you used to register in traderelay.

Thank you for support

TradeRelay is ongoing project and is developed constantly while we have time from other projects. We appreciate your support on this. We are planning new features all the time but still trying to keep TradeRelay simple and easy to use.

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Getting started with developer help


Order our developer help. Our developer will then help with setting up your settings, Traderelay settings, IB settings and troubleshoot all problems.

Use email address that you used to register in traderelay.

What is this?

We try to develop Traderelay to be as simple as possible to use. But still its somewhat full of settings and might be intimidating at first.
We get a lot of request to help with getting the first strategy to work between - Traderelay - IB.
We have decided to offer help from our developers to get your settings right and first strategy running right. After that you can just copy it and develop new strategies.